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I provide online CAD calculations for contractors and other entities.
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Welcome to Civil Cad...  
My name is Daniel Graf and this is Civil CAD. I provide all the functions of a contractor CAD manager, but online, saving your company money. I have been doing this work online since 2005. Back then, the survey crews that I supported spent lots of hours driving to the office to share data. Seeing this as a waste of resources, I created this system to save time and money by sharing information online. In the process, I essentially outsourced myself as someone who works from my house, saving you even more money by avoiding overhead costs associated with having a full-time CAD manager. I have no vehicle, a huge savings in itself. Your company pays no income tax associated with the survey manager. I work from my home, so you save on the overhead costs you would normally pay for your CAD manager's office.


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